Why should you consider the Klamath Community Foundation?

Community Impact. When life has been good to you, it’s good to give something back. Through the Klamath Community Foundation, you can create a charitable fund in your name that supports causes you specify – now and forever.

Simplicity. Donors can avoid legal complexities and administrative burdens. Have your own fund without the hassle of tax forms, check writing, record keeping and other administrative chores.

Flexibility. The Klamath Community Foundation can accept nearly any kind and size of gift, from cash and real estate to stock and other appreciated assets.

Tax Benefits. Gifts to the Klamath Community Foundation are tax deductible and reduce income and estate taxes.

Professional. All funds are professionally managed to safeguard principal and provide a competitive investment return to benefit the community.

Knowledge. We research the best possibilities for bridging your giving with community needs, allowing you to put your contribution directly to work in the Klamath Basin area.

Let the Klamath Community Foundation provide you with an easy, affordable and effective way to make a lasting difference.


Planning your fund

Donors may establish their own simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving by selecting one or more of the following funds:

Community Impact Fund: Addresses the community’s most urgent needs as determined by the Foundation’s Board.

Field of Interest Fund: Permanently dedicated to a special field of interest, such as children, education or the arts.

Designated Fund: Supports specific organizations chosen by the donor.

Donor Advised Fund: Allows donors to be actively involved in and recommend grants from the funds they have established.

Agency Endowment Fund: Initiated by charitable agencies to serve as an endowment supporting the organization’s work.

Seed Funds: A “seed” amount is given, and when the fund reaches the level needed for a permanent fund, it is endowed, and gifting begins. Making a difference…a little at a time.

Supporting Foundation: A separately incorporated affiliate that operates with more independence, but benefits from the Foundation’s preferred tax status and administrative services.

Memorial Funds: Funds memorializing departed loved ones can be set up and fit into a number of the fund types described above.